Sunday, 10 February 2008

Can You Find Your Way Through the Labyrinth?

There are so many variations to a 4 harness twill it is flabbergasting! You can view a few dozen variations with the pattern alone, only altering the threading and treadling. Then you add colour as a variable and the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! This is not only because of all the different colours you can use but also the actual element of colour in the design. In this pattern here, which I have been calling a spiral twill or (for fun) a labyrinth twill, the bold pattern is created by alternating the two colours in the warp. You could make a wide variety of patterns based on the same tie up and treadling just by alternating the colours in the warp. One red to two purple or two red to two purple would give you two completely different patterns! How amazing is that?? I find it immaculate and amazing and why I love weaving so much :)
This project uses two amazing coloured merino wools which I purchased at my suppliers a few weeks back. They are 100% unshrinkable merino wool, made in Italy. They have the softest, most luxurious feel to them. I saw them at the mill and as soon as I touched them I could not put them down!! They have a bit of give to them as well so the scarf will be a bit stretchy. It is approximately 6" or 61/2" wide and will be about 72" long when I finish it. I am very tempted to keep it as it is my new favourite. No one can survive as a business owner that way though! hahaha. I would keep all of my scarves if that were the case :)
I plan on finishing this one today. It is now a quarter to two....hmmm, I wonder if I will be able to do it?? I have about 3/4 more to do. I better get at it!! I will write another post when I finish it, with some more fantastic photos!! Hope you come back to see it!


skiingweaver said...

Excellent twill structure! Ahhh, the possibilities are endless... How fun!

yarnplayer said...

Very cheerful blog with great photos! Your color and weave gives a striking effect.
Greetings from Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Jane said...

Just stunning! Love the labyrinth effect. You have an excellent eye for color and weave.

Weave on!


I love it, wow its fantastic.

michele said...

Beautiful design & color - inspring.