Friday, 25 January 2008

An Ode to Log Cabin

One of the best examples of a simple weave with fantastic results!!! Log cabin is one of the most basic weaves with the gift to look fairly complex. It can be a dramatic pattern when given contrasting colours while also able to be quite delicate and subdued with monochromatic or analogous colours (like red/orange or blue/green).
The set up is so basic and so fast that it is tempting to make every scarf a log cabin! It is completely straightforward and only varying from a basic weave by the fact that you are working with two alternating colours at once! The stripes run vertically (in the warp) and horizontally (in the weft) in single lines (pin-striped) which is what keeps it crisp and clean. You can make the actual squares varying sizes (depending on how many lines across and vertically you make them), which I have experimented with quite a bit (examples in photo directly below).

There are also log cabin variations, which can alter the visual effects quite a lot. The basics of the weave are kept the same (pin stripes of colour vertically and horizontally, with basic threading) but you can vary the treadling. Take for example the Log cabin twill....instead of squares of stripes you get stripes of zigzags. You can also vary it by treadling basket weave as well. If you want to see, visually, what I am talking about, check out this link to All Fibre Arts! I think my next project might be a log cabin twill! Any suggestions for colour? I have some AMAZING merino wools in bright red and deep purple. I reckon that will look quite swell indeed! hmmm.....Kind of makes me want to start on it right now!

The ONLY problem I have come across with log cabin is making mistakes. One little mistake stands out like a catastrophe! Well, maybe not that bad...One missed thread can really project itself in the weave, which can make for an angry weaver if not spotted! If you would like to take a look at some excellent weaving drafts you should visit is one of my FAVOURITE weaving websites. It is a weaving goldmine. You can keep a collection of your favourite drafts to refer back to whenever you like as well. They call it your "clipboard" and if you sign up (which I think only entails giving a name and password) you can keep a saved collection of your chosen drafts. How great is that? I have quite a dynamite collection right now.

Well I hope this has been inspiring and somewhat informative. Please leave links to your log cabin projects in my comments box and I will gladly add them to this post!!! Thanks for reading!


Annie Biotix said...

I own that brooch in the first photo!!!! I'm the luckiest girl in Canada!!!!

Alpaca Granny said...

You do a beautiful job taking your pictures....